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Can you help someone build the skills to be more resilient and have the ability to recover from the rippling effects of trauma?

Yes, you can!

Traumatic events happen all the time to people we know and love and, of course, most of us have experienced one or more such events ourselves. Even when we read about tragedies in the paper or see them on the news, we are shocked and feel for those who were directly affected. These events come out of the blue, taking us off guard and leave us reeling, possibly grieving, and at a loss about what to do.

That's where the power of resiliency comes in. By giving a donation today, you can help individuals and their families in our community restore balance, control, and enjoyment to their lives.

Generous community support helps The Learning Center at Red Willow offer resilience-building skills to those who have experienced traumatic events as well as professionals who serve trauma survivors.

Access to help:

Your donation will make it possible for an individual who has experienced trauma and cannot afford important help recovering from that experience to attend one of our resilience skill-building courses either free of charge or on a sliding scale fee. You're also welcome to direct your donation to support one of our primary targeted program areas listed in the drop-down below.

We appreciate your financial and in-kind support of our projects.

The Learning Center at Red Willow is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and all donations are tax deductable. Your donation receipt will include all necessary information.


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